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Danpacplus.hk Web Founder , Webmaster About Me  Johnson Shiu, JP, B.Sc.,LREA,MCSE,MCP+I,MCPs,A+,ACIT certs, HKSFC Lc4 & Lc9 Asset Management Responsible Officer & Adviser qualifications

Speaking:"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

My 2014 Dream

I am a very successful $ales person/consultant. I felt more than successful, in the past decade had at one time own 14 cars, big house, jet around the world, I was on TV, radio, newspapers. I felt prosperous! I have enjoyed my peace of mind, financial independence, security, good health and an enjoyable social life. I loved to help out my family, friends and associates to gain independance. I had the respect and admiration of all who knew me.

Many people want to do business with me. And even more people wanted to be my friend for life.

However, I didn't always been so successful.

I could remember the many years when I tried harder but did no better than most people.

Now I am glad that I knew what I knew. And, more important, that I put it to use and share with you.

I can smile now as I thought about how easily I had finally learned to prosper...do a lot for others, expect little or no return...be creative...be content...prepare to work with your heart not just with your hands.

Last of all remember " Production minus Sales equals Scrap" is the Key. Even valuable ideas can wind up on the scrap heap just because they weren't sold.

What makes life worth living? Come and share with us! Our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. Look Ahead and Move on!


                            Danpacplus.hk will bring you lots of success!

Build yourself up as a BRAND


Wecome to Come to The Australia Gold Coast Chinatown

Associate Sponsorship: China Australia M&A Centre Pty Ltd                                                                                                                 website: http://CAMAcentre.com 

Mission Statement: 

We welcome our visitors to use our professional eshop DIY Website  to create the best wealth building team work system. To promote the concepts leading to perfect health with beauty in mind Wellness Products and to effectively communicate with each other at the lowest cost internationally.

Our  Goal (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR) all in one:

Help our team members and any person who wants to know more and achieve their investment plans, so that they can enjoy their retirement living with a comfortable lifestyle on the Gold Coast  Australia Real Estate in Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Sponsorship Opportunities :

In Australia Real Estate , Magic Wellness 4U , Life Long Learning  Creative Technologies Industries Park (Belize) Ltd.          

    Gold, Silver, Bronze Sponsorships;Strategic partnerships           

For more information and joining :

           Please contact Johnson Shiu, J.P.,

                              B.Sc.,LREA,MCSE,MCP+I,MCPs,A+,ACIT certs, HKSFC 4 & 9 Asset Management qualifications

           E-mail: johnson.shiu@danpacplus.hk


Any Constructive Suggestions:

                                                               Contact Us   



Australia: Unit 12, 3 Barranbali Street, Chevron Island, Gold Coast, Qld.,Australia 4217

Johnson Shiu, Justice of Peace (Qual)         Australia mobile : +(61) 452300208

Email: johnson.shiu@danpacplus.hk                      

Email: johnson.shiu@danpacplus.hk